Flexible Monitoring Throughout Production

The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by a low tolerance for microbial contaminants,
and requires in-depth knowledge of the microbial dynamics, from raw materials to final product, to assure the safety of patients.

We strive towards assisting in achieving this control of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process,
by employing fast and reliable microbial quantification.

  • Contamination Control Strategy (CCS)
  • Equipment and utility
  • Environmental monitoring and bioburden
  • Close monitoring of Critical Control Points (CCPs)
  • Microbiological quality of raw materials
  • Filter effectiveness assessment

Fast Identification of Contamination Events

The flexible nature of our solution allows for simultaneous analysis on multiple sites in the production line,
whether this being post-cleaning water, swab tests or directly on product.
With CFU results in hours, measured onsite, communication to cleaning personnel is unhindered allowing for a speedy process!

This helps to identify the exact site of the contamination and significantly reduce the time spent,
on source identification, decontamination and cleaning validation for faster compliant production.

As the method mimics the existing methods, the results are in good correlation to EU GMP methods used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Typical Contamination Event

Acquire representative samples from the affected line

With IntuView the content of the samples are analyzed in minutes to evaluate severity of contamination.

Using IntuGrow the CFU results can be performed onsite, giving results in few hours.

Based on the results actions are taken where contamination is identified.


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