Bacteria are Microscopic
Why Rely on Your Eyes to Count Them?

Quantifying unwanted microorganisms is important to avoid difficulties during processing and to assure a safe product for consumers. However, the long time-to-result of the traditional methods serves as a bottleneck in processing and hinders processing decisions based on the actual quality.

With IntuGrow the well-known colony forming units (CFU) results are provided in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods while still following ISO specified media and incubation temperatures.  

The growth detection system employs traditional cultivation methodology but catches growth long before it becomes visible to the naked eye. By doing this a more representative quantification is achieved, as fused colonies which would be counted as one, easily are divided. IntuBio IntuGrow is a platform utilizing sample enrichment by filtration and traditional microbiological growth media, including a broad range of selective media (patent pending).
The adaptable design enables analysis on a broad range of sample types, including complex products (like whey or protein solutions), water, swabs and more.  

By enrichment, an adjustable sample volume can be analyzed in order to detect low levels of bacteria or meet specified regulatory volume requirements.

  • CFU in hours, not days
  • Easy sample prep
  • Automated colony counting
  • Continuous growth monitoring
  • Easily interpreted data presentation
  • Results as CFU, not arbitrary units

Compendium Organisms and IntuGrow

The compendium organisms are readily detected with IntuGrow, both as pure suspensions and from naturally contaminated products.

Early Detection of Colony Formation

The scanning platform enables for the high resolution required for early detection of colony formation.

The colony morphology is used to distinguish between major groups bacteria, filamentous bacteria, yeast and moulds.

Continuous Automatic Quantification

No more counting agar plates!

With automatic quantification software,no colonies are overlooked, eliminating errors while counting.

Up to twelve samples are simultaneously quantified and the possibility to perform ongoing monitoring,

where data is plotted onscreen, allows for fast reactions if deviations occur.

The high resolution allows for quantification of colonies when they are only 10 µm in diameter, compared to 300 µm with the naked eye.

With great precision colonies are identified and quantified with intuitive continuous result presentation.


Filter Units for Easy Handling

The sterile filter units, is specifically designed to reduce handling of the filter, with no tweezers or human contact required.
This minimizes the exposure to the surroundings and prevents contamination of the analysis,
to ensure correct and reliable CFU quantification in a fraction of the time compared to standard methods.

The filtration device ensures easy sample preparation with minimal contamination risk.
With a durable design the device can be reused countless times, and repeatably sterilized by e.g. autoclavation.
The filter rings are equipped with 0,22 µm or 0,45 µm PTFE membranes.
These membranes becomes transparent when wet, creating the optimal conditions for our high resolution imaging.

IntuGrow and Golden Standard

IntuGrow correlates directly with traditional spread and pour plating with results in a few hours!
Complex matrices, such as milk, concentrates, chemicals solutions and more are easily analyzed, making IntuGrow a great solution for many application areas.

The adaptable sampling volume makes detection of even extremely low concentrations possible and simple sample dilutions steps enable detection of more concentrated samples.

The system works with any total count media as well as chromogenic and selective media, to enable detection of desired microorganisms such as:

Salmonella spp., E. coli/coliforms, Listeria monocytogenes, lactobacilli and more

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