Water Quality Matters

Water is a valuable but highly dynamic resource used in everything from clothing to pharmaceuticals.

Both the microbiological and particulate quality of water may vary from day to day and can have detrimental impact on the ease of processing and the quality of the final product.

With traditional methods most of these dynamics go unnoticed and if they are caught the results are first available after several days!

In IntuBio we understand the enormous negative impact poor water quality can have. Therefore, we strive to not only help identify the problem, but also illuminate the source of the issue.
By utilizing our unique technology platform, validation after corrective actions are made easy so you know when the problem is solved, and it is safe to proceed.

Biological aggregates are an example of what can be found in contaminated water.

Enable Fast Response to Daily Variations

With IntuView it is possible to illuminate the quality of a long range of water types from raw water to WFI, in just 6 minutes with good correlation to traditional methods!
A single scan provides both the particle and bio-particle count as well as detection of large aggregates such as biofilm, pipe scaling and more.

A unique feature with IntuView is the possibility to review every detected object in the high-resolution object panels for greater insight and possible AI-based classification.

When CFU Matters

When a CFU concentration is desired, IntuGrow is the answer. With easy sample handling and automated colony counting, the CFU concentration of bacteria is provided in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. By using selective and chromogenic media the typical water pathogens can be caught long before tradional methods leading to shorter response times in case of contaminations of undesirable organisms.