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IntuBio ApS was founded in 2018 by Niels Agersnap and Tom Olesen. The name IntuBio is a contraction of the Latin word intueor (meaning to look at) and bio (Greek for life), describing the optical principles we use to observe microorganisms.

Niels Agersnap has a background as system architect, optical and algorithm specialist at Unisensor/Philips BioCell, and Tom Olesen founder of Unisensor and CTO in Unisensor and Philips BG Emerging Businesses. The two have together more than 20 years of experience in the optical scanning technology applied in the field of cell detection.

Philip joined the company in October 2018. With a background in applied microbiology Philip, contributes with the knowledge base that is the foundation of our solutions.


Niels Agersnap IntuBio

Niels Agersnap

Co-founder and CTO

Ph.D. in physics from University of Copenhagen.

Philip Andersen


M.Sc. in microbiology from University of Copenhagen.

Tom Olesen

Tom Olesen

Founder and Chairman

Founder of Unisensor and serial entrepreneur.


Marcus Tran

Student Assistant

Microbiology Master’s Student at University of Copenhagen

Vasilis Perros

Student Assistant

Master’s Student at Danish Technical University

Martin Bech

Mechanical Designer

Mechanical engineering and design of products


Henrik Lauritzen

Software Engineer

Software developer

Diana Jonsson

Economy and HR

Divya Sree Lakkarsu

Divya Sree Lakkarsu

Production Assistant

Isha mehra

Isha Mehra

Digital Marketing & Sales Coordinator


IntuBio is located in Farum 20 km from Copenhagen. As a part of the innovation hub at Hirsemarken, we have access to many different competences and can combine our expertise with great mechanical engineers and designers as well as software developers to quickly implement new solutions.

Our doors are always open and everyone is welcome, to visit us and discus how we can help solve your problems.

You are always welcome to contact us if you need more information about IntuBio technologies and the solutions we provide.


Find us here:
Hirsemarken 1
DK 3520 Farum
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Contact support directly on:
E-mail support: support@intubio.dk
Phone: +45 61 36 24 71

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