Rapid Microbial Testing with IntuGrow

Reduce results from days to hours

IntuGrow technology

With IntuGrow the well-known colony forming unit (CFU) result is provided in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. The growth detection system catches growth long before it becomes visible to the naked eye. The adaptable design enables analysis on a broad range of sample types, including APIs, complex products, water, swabs and more

  • CFU in hours, not days
  • Easy sample prep
  • Automated colony counting
  • Continuous growth monitoring
  • Easily interpreted data presentation
  • Results as CFU, not arbitrary units

Same Results - But Faster

Early Detection of Colony Formation

As IntuGrow mimics the traditional cultivation method the same results are provided in hours rather than days. This also enables detection of a broad range of microorganisms relevant to production and processing.

The scanning platform enables for the high resolution required for early detection of colony formation. The high resolution allows for quantification of colonies when they are only 10 µm in diameter, compared to 300+ µm with the naked eye. With great precision colonies are identified and quantified with intuitive continuous result presentation.

IntuGrow and the Golden Standard

Correlation is essential for validation of alternative methods.

With IntuGrow a recovery of +70% as readily achieved in a broad range of concentrations.

IntuGrow vs. EU GMP

Two ways to use IntuGrow


1. Filtration

Detect even the lowest levels of microbes by utilizing filtration.

Volume requirements are easily met with 1-200 ml of sample analyzed and detection down to 1 CFU/vol.

Filter Units for Easy Handling

The sterilizable filtration units, is specifically designed to reduce handling of the filter, with no tweezers or human contact.
This minimizes the exposure to the surroundings and prevents contamination of the analysis, to ensure correct and reliable CFU quantification in a fraction of the time compared to standard methods.

Filtration unit

Filtration unit for easy sample preparation of the IntuGrow filters.
Re-usable and sterilizable by autoclavation.

Single use filter

Sterile single-use filter designed for the IntuGrow filtration unit. pore size: 0,22 µm and 0,45 µm.
Packaging: Individually packed


2. Unfilterable

Ideal for complex sample types.

Detect down to 1 CFU/vol with the IntuGrow Mini-Dish using the well-known spread plate method.
Test microbial cultures, chemical compounds, raw materials, dairy and more, in small volumes (up to 50 µl).

Mini-Dish, Just a small petri dish

With the simple design the IntuGrow Mini-dish allows for fast handling of complex samples types.
The Mini-dish is available in a 6-well and 12-well format dependent on the desired detection limit and throughput.

Mini dish handling accessory​

Handling accessory for Mini-dishes making sample preparation effortless.
Available for both 6-well and 12-well mini-dishes.

Mini dishes​

Microbial detection of complex matrices

Simply add agar-based medium to the dish and spread your sample.

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