Mini Incubator

incubate your lab samples with ease

Mini incubator

Incubation on-the-go

Incubate your lab samples anytime, anywhere with our portable independent device.

Light and Compact

Weighs just 0.4 kg. so take it wherever you want.

Full Integrated Solution

Works independently or with an analytical, measuring equipment.

Precise Temperature

Ensure consistent temperature between ambient +3°C to 50°C (±2°C)

Benefits of using Mini-Incubator

  • Accommodates all micro-titer plate formats, including vails.
  • Effortlessly transportable across various laboratory settings.
  • Seamlessly integrates with microscopy and other analytical equipments. 
  • Provides flexibility to set distinct temperature parameters for different units, accommodating diverse experimental requirements.
  • Allows technicians to manually adjust temperature settings as needed, ensuring precise control over experimental conditions.

Its portability allows technicians to easily move around

With its mobility, lab technicians can seamlessly move between locations. Whether you’re in the lab or at your work desk, this compact lab incubator suits any setting perfectly.

Unlike heavy and large traditional incubators, this one easily fits into an anaerobic chamber, LAF bench or anywhere needed. 

Applications of our mini-incubator


In microbiology and biotechnology labs for culturing bacteria, fungi, yeast, and other microorganisms.

Mammalian Cell Culture

Ensures optimal growth conditions for studying cellular processes and conducting various biological assays.

Drug Development

To maintain cell viability and function during drug development in pharmaceutical industry.

Biotechnology Research

It provides a controlled environment with precise temperature for optimal sample condition.

Molecular Biology

The Mini-incubator is used for a range of molecular biology applications.

Plant Growth Studies

The window-designed mini incubator allows controlled light and warmth for plant germination and growth experiments.

Temperature sensitive transportation

Its compact size and precise temperature control make it ideal for safeguarding sensitive materials during transit.

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Mini-Incubator Specifications

Temperature Range

Ensure consistency between ambient +3°C to 50°C (±2°C).

Length – 180mm

Width – 142mm 

Height – 33mm

Mini-incubator size

0.39 kg.

Power consumption in use – Max 30W

Power use idle – 5W

Built-in for other microscopic device or standalone unit