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Rapid Bioburden Testing

Rapid bioburden testing with IntuGrow can provide results in hours

Rapid bioburden testing with IntuGrow can provide results as CFU/vol in hours, which allows for quick identification and implementation of corrective actions when out-of-spec or out-of-trend bioburden is detected. Giving important information to take into account when trying to find the root cause of the out-of-spec and out-of-trend issues.

The small footprint of the IntuGrow system further gives the ability to perform rapid bioburden testing on-site or close to the sample collection point, means that a wide range of samples can be easily and quickly tested, allowing for rapid identification and correction of out-of-spec or out-of-trend issues.

Rapid Environmental Monitoring

Get Rapid Response on Environmental Monitoring Microbial Samples

Swab tests are a great way to monitor the presence of bacteria on surfaces, and are commonly used to identify the source of a known contamination.By using IntuGrow shutdown time due to source identification of a contamination is minimized and enables faster return the production.

Total Viable Count From Surfaces in Hours
Whether collecting swab tests from instrument surfaces or gowning, fast results provide a better insight in the state of your facility and potentially the source of a contamination.

The simple cultivation approach of IntuGrow ensures good recovery of bacteria known to contaminate industrial production environments

Food Safety

Assuring Food Safety & Quality

The ever-increasing worldwide demand for high quality food products, emphasizes the importance of proper microbiological monitoring. Our vision is to assure the availability of biologically safe food by implementing fast microbiological monitoring on or close to the production floor, where the decisions are made.

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Rapid Contamination Testing

Contamination of downstream processes is a huge concern in most industries, not the least in bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing. Contamination comes with great cost and extensive preventive measures are taken to avoid this. However, when a contamination occurs, identifying the source is of uttermost importance.

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