Rapid Environmental Monitoring

Get Rapid Response on Environmental Monitoring Microbial Samples

Swab tests are a great way to monitor the presence of bacteria on surfaces, and are commonly used to identify the source of a known contamination.

By using IntuGrow shutdown time due to source identification of a contamination is minimized and enables faster return the production.


Total Viable Count From Surfaces in Hours

Whether collecting swab tests from instrument surfaces or gowning, fast results provide a better insight in the state of your facility and potentially the source of a contamination.

The simple cultivation approach of IntuGrow ensures good recovery of bacteria known to contaminate industrial production environments.
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Learn more about the possibilities of IntuGrow for microbial monitoring.

  • CFU in hours, not days
  • Easy sample prep
  • Automated colony counting
  • Continuous growth monitoring
  • Easily interpreted data presentation
  • Results as CFU, not arbitrary units