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Rapid Microbial Testing with IntuGrow

Same Results - But Faster

With IntuGrow the well-known colony forming unit (CFU) result is provided in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. The growth detection system catches growth long before it becomes visible to the naked eye. The adaptable design enables analysis on a broad range of sample types, including APIs, complex products, water, swabs and more

  • CFU in hours, not days
  • Easy sample prep
  • Automated colony counting
  • Continuous growth monitoring
  • Easily interpreted data presentation
  • Results as CFU, not arbitrary units
Imaging system for rapid microbial detection

Core Technology

Patented high resolution 3D optical scanning system

The patented high resolution 3D optical scanning system is designed to optimize both image quality and statistical information gathered.
The sophisticated scanning system allows for detection of a broad range of objects from 0,5 µm-2 mm, covering the entire spectrum of microbial life. The system is designed to operate with standard 12- and 6-well titer plates.

The scanning system has a small footprint of 450 x 260 x 250 mm (with open lid: H = 550 mm) making it an extremely flexible system.

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