Rapid Bioburden Testing

Rapid bioburden testing with IntuGrow can provide results in hours for both out-of-spec and out-of-trend bioburden.

Rapid bioburden testing with IntuGrow can provide results as CFU/vol in hours, which allows for quick identification and implementation of corrective actions when out-of-spec or out-of-trend bioburden is detected. Giving important information to take into account when trying to find the root cause of the out-of-spec and out-of-trend issues.
The small footprint of the IntuGrow system further gives the ability to perform rapid bioburden testing on-site or close to the sample collection point, means that a wide range of samples can be easily and quickly tested, allowing for rapid identification and correction of out-of-spec or out-of-trend issues.

Examples of Common Bacteria Occurring in Bioburden Samples.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Burkholderia cepacia

Bacillus subtilis

Ralstonia pickettii

Micrococcus luteus

Staphyloccus aureus

Candida albicans

Vegitative mix

Broad Range of Quantification

The IntuGrow system readily quantifies CFU concentrations ranging from 1-250+ CFU/sample, making IntuGrow ideal for bioburden testing of pharmaceutical products.

Meet Volume Requirements with filtration

The filtration principle of IntuGrow allows for analysis on a broad range of sample volumes (1-200 ml) making sure volume requirements are met.

Compatible with Most Sample Types

Test on a broad range of sample types, like product (APIs, intermediates and more), water (rinse water, raw water, WFI) and more to gain more information about your processes.

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  • CFU in hours, not days
  • Easy sample prep
  • Automated colony counting
  • Continuous growth monitoring
  • Easily interpreted data presentation
  • Results as CFU, not arbitrary units