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Rapid Contamination Testing

Our validation team provides global onsite or remote services for fast and efficient implementation.

As provider of rapid microbial methods (RMMs) we understand the need for smooth integration to and diligent support. Our team values close contact with users and takes pride on good customer service. The validation team assist in the necessary steps needed for implementation including:

  • Training
    • Comprehensive training is essential for a smooth implementation. We provide tailored training to your team both onsite and remotely and makes sure that any new users are comfortable with the handling. The training includes basic steps, practical handling, use of software, data interpretation. After completed training we ensure that support is always available if needed.
  • Installation Qualification (IQ)
    • This qualification ensures that the system is correctly installed, and everything has been delivered intact.
  • Operational Qualification (OQ)
    • This step ensures that system is operating according to our standards, including acquisition speed (connectivity), computer processing speed, adherence to set temperature if Mini-incubator is used.
  • Method Suitability (MS)
    • We provide inhouse sample suitability testing to ensure that your samples are compatible with our system. If required, we provide a suggested protocol for handling of the sample. If samples are not possible to ship to us, we collaborate closely with our users to ensure the method is suitable for your sample matrices.
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