Rapid Contamination Testing

Contamination of downstream processes is a huge concern in most industries, not the least in bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing. Contamination comes with great cost and extensive preventive measures are taken to avoid this. However, when a contamination occurs, identifying the source is of uttermost importance.
With traditional microbiological methods the impact of cleaning procedures can first be validated several days after, with little information about the nature of the contamination and entry point.

This is why IntuBio provides a service-based solution in case of contamination. We strive to deliver the results of IntuView analyses the same day as we receive the samples, and IntuGrow results no later than 24 hours after. Thereby a great reduction of downtime and uncertainty is achieved!

Our prices are highly competitive and we provide close evaluation of the results by our experts. A detailed report is provided with all observations, CFU concentrations and image material to assist in the decision making.



“At IntuBio we aim to make the process of identifying and troubleshooting contamination events much faster;
from days to minutes, allowing a vast improvement in the chase for contamination sources”


Fast Response When Needed

To become familiar with our capabilities we offer a day to day service (in Denmark) where we bring our mobile equipment to your site of the suspected contamination, or receive samples in our laboratory to analyze.
Using IntuView a fast assessment of the contamination source is made, and the possibility for combining this with IntuGrow, providing a fast quantification of the total viable count (as CFU) or specific target organisms.

Day to day contact: +45 5354 1414
E-mail: contact@intubio.dk