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Webinar on Microbial Detection in hours

August 30th 2022:

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Webinar on Microbial Detection in hours

May 18th 2022:

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Controlling the bioburden of a production facility is important to avoid difficulties during processing and to assure a safe product for consumers. However, the long time-to-result of the traditional methods serves as a bottleneck in processing and hinders processing decisions based on the actual quality.

With IntuGrow the well-known colony forming unit (CFU) result is provided in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

The growth detection system employs traditional cultivation methodology but catches growth long before it becomes visible to the naked eye.
As the analysis closely mimics the traditional methodology, correlation is effortless.

With IntuGrow you get:
CFU in hours, not days
Easy sample prep
Automated colony counting
Continuous growth monitoring
Easily interpreted data presentation
Results as CFU, not arbitrary units